Impact of Internet-based Internet

E-commerce and its Global Domination

The e-commerce industry has changed how businessperson market their business for efficiency. Whether it is an online retailing, digital marketing and B2B, it became a trendy way to use as a platform that might be the biggest retail system by 2021. This is a very interesting topic to talk about during this time of the year because of the pandemic. With everyone staying home to be safe and have everything via online can be the future lifestyle as relating to what can happen in 2021 in the business industry. The use of search engines to look for essentials makes a big impact on how anyone can have the option to broaden their search to a variety of companies making new brands and online retailers to stand out.

The major disadvantage as per the blog is the opportunity for scammers or fake websites to use and gather data from consumers which becomes a problem to “customer vulnerability.” As a result, online transactions can lead to a bad reputation for the legitimate company itself.


Transitioning to the world of social media related to everyone who has to socialize virtually making it as our advantage to stay connected. This became an opening to people mainly self-improve while staying home and learn how to cope with different activities whether virtually or surrounding yourself with someone whom you are already with.


As the world is changing during this time of the year, our traditional way of fulfilling our duties to go to school, get a diploma to get a good-paying job is becoming to disappear and replace it with a. new way to support themselves financially. To have a job secure are no longer valid to many people losing their jobs as time pass by due to companies placing pay cuts which makes it more difficult to pay their bills and shelter. As a result, to take out a business loan nowadays is not guaranteed due to companies shutting down.

Fast forward to the fear of the online business, this is basically to say that fear will never you. It will only keep you from your comfort zone which stops you from using online as a resource to help you succeed. Even as a Youtuber as per the blog mentioned, as simple as playing games to put online generates income for them. To summarize, you have to be willing to put time and effort to what you need to do in order to survive and fear will only hold you back so you cannot be lazy as well and therefore complain that you are broke.


To summarize the advantage and disadvantage to this blog:

Advantage – it is educational, an opportunity for everyone to develop their skills and overall fun.

Disadvantage: it can be misleading which affects mental health and distanced to reality vs the technology world

Impact of the internet on the marketing mix!

It basically explains how transitioning from in-store products to catch a potential customers’ eye to online shopping. The great takeaway from this is relating to the impact of internet-based business is to use these ideas and implement it to avoid the disadvantages and the bad side of the online world.

Price – consumers will be able to have an option what fits their budget making the retailer be able to tell what sells out fast than the other

Place – it can determine how retailers can determine how to set their distance and able to set their delivery customer service efficient

Promotion – retailers have the ability to target specific consumers to advertise their product or services as it is becoming popular these days

3 Mistakes People Make When Starting an Online Business

 The 3 mistakes people make are not setting the right expectations realistically, taking loans and not setting the right prices for the services that is feasible. Starting a business is hard but doing your research will help you prevent any difficult situations while in business.

Why Having Your Own Business Is the Future of a Healthy Working Life

Starting an online business has becoming a recognizable way to make income and become a full-time job. You are able to work in your own terms, work remotely which means you are able to work anywhere and have control on how much income you want to make. Taking the time for yourself whenever you want makes it easy to do because you’re not working for someone. If you have any extra activities or hobbies you love to do, you are able use that to make money making it easy for you to control what is working for you or not.


The impact of the internet-based business have both advantage whether people can use it as a free tool to use for consumers to have everything online which gives them the option to purchase and have the flexibility to work in your own pace at the comfort of your home. The disadvantage the amount of impact it can result in determining what is a legitimate business and be ready for what can potentially happen once you publish your own online business. You can go right or wrong but at the end of the day, it depends on how people view the online business based on everyone’s experience.


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